Personal Protection from Insects
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Think Positive

Do not panic if a stinging insect comes near to you or lands on you. Either keep still or move very slowly away in the opposite direction. The flapping of arms and hands is particularly threatening to stinging insects so just keep cool and you should be left in peace!

If a stinging insect lands on you, in most cases it is best NOT to swat it! If it wasn't planning on stinging you, chances are that if you swat it, it will indeed sting or leave a stinger in you. You are better off carefully brushing it off and trying to avoid its return.

One way you can lessen the amount of mosquito bites is by knowing what attracts the skeeters in the first place. Basically, it depends on how you smell and since mosquitoes have excellent scent receptors in their antennae, they can easily smell any human within 100 feet. Unfortunately, it also comes down to genetics and 85% of the reason why mosquitoes prefer some people over others is because of their genetic makeup. Below are some of the factors that make someone a mosquito bite target:

1) Lactic acid production- People who produce more lactic acid, which is emitted from our bodies via the sweat glands, are more attractive to mosquitoes. The more perspiration and the older it is, the greater the buildup of lactic acid, meaning your a tasty meal. Research has proven that fresh sweat isn’t as attractive to a mosquito as day old sweat appears to be.

2) Bacteria- Bacteria living on the skin can vary greatly from person to person and affect how much they get bit by mosquitoes. If someone has bacteria types like Staphylococcus and Variovorax present on their skin, they will have more mosquito problems. The opposite is also true, and other types of bacteria act to make our skin less attractive to the pests. Some of these include Pseudomonas, Delftia, Leptotrichia, and Actinobacteria.

3) Blood type- What type of blood you have also factors into the risk of suffering more bites. Studies have found that mosquitoes are most drawn to those with type O blood, followed by type B and then type A. Also, if you’re among the estimated 85% of people who emit a certain chemical that gives away your blood type through the skin, the mosquitoes will bite you long before they bite those who lack the chemical. Apparently, the insects like to know exactly what type of blood they’ll be sucking.

4) Carbon Dioxide- Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 you exhale when breathing. Those who produce more of it get bit more, which sucks for pregnant women and heavy-set people who breathe heavier. Also, a related point is that beer drinkers tend to get bit more frequently because they too breathe more heavily when under the influence of a few beers.


Mosquitos aren't the only insects that are attracted by smell. It is funny that we spend most of our time making our bodies just right to attract others - this web page is dedicated to making our bodies as unattractive as possible to stinging insects!

The general suggestion is that no smell is better than any smell. Stinging insects have a powerful sense of smell and there is no research out there that I have discovered that recommends that we cloak ourself in a particularly unfriendly smell to wasps. Biting insects like mosquitos can definitely be turned off by insect repellent - the jury is still out on stinging insects so avoid Perfumes, After Shave, Perfumed Deoderants and Perfumed Anti-Perspirants.

After much research on medicinal plants and experimentation I do have a guarenteed insect repellent that is all natural, chemical free and medicinal that is available though. You will even smell lemon fresh by using it, go to this link for more information.

Appearance and Dress

Stinging Insects are definitely attracted to bright and shiny clothing - especially floral prints and black. Insects seem to be more attracted to white, green, tan or khaki.

Wear sensible clothing - not open toe sandals or shorts when you know you will be in an environment plagues by wasps

Avoid: Coloured Clothing, floral prints, open shoes, and exposing too much leg or arm.

When getting dressed or putting on shoes, ALWAYS shake them out and check before climbing in to them. Many bugs like scorpions are nocturnal so they like dark moist places to hide in during the day.

Medic Alert -

Whilst not haut couture jewellery, the organisation Medic Alert provides necklaces and bracelets with vital information on them that can advise prospective medical helpers exactly what is wrong with the unconscious or incapcitated sting victim. Practicality definitely wins over elegance - but seriously, they are reasonably OK to look at and may well save a life! Highly recommended.