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    Guatemala has some 1246 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles according to figures from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Of these, 84 are endemic, meaning they exist in no other country, and 101 are threatened.

    Without animals, insects would probably rule the world until all the plant life was eaten too. Animals control the plant balance, insects abundance, the population of various species that reproduce faster than others and feed us humans as well.

    It all starts with light, without light the plants won't grow, without plants, the insects don't have anything to eat or pollinate, without the insects and the plants, animals don't have anything to eat and then the predators don't have anything to eat too. Everything needs energy, but if you want to understand that a little clearer, read my link on the first page called "The Bigger Picture". Although there are hundreds of varieties of animals in this area, I have only chosen the ones that I have seen and been able to get photos and information on. Snakes, I have gotten a little more extensive so you can be safer and knowledgeable when encountering some of the locals.

    Guatemala: Biodiversity - Wildlife Breakdown
    Amphibians: total species 133, endemic species, 40, threatened species, 74
    Birds: total species 715, endemic species, 13, threatened species, 10
    Mammals: total species 193, endemic species, 3 threatened species, 7
    Reptiles: total species 236, endemic species 28, threatened species, 10
    Fish: fresh water 112, tolerant to salt water 185, salt water 354, total 651