This is a Mayan mystic pyramid. Above you, you see a large pyramid made up of 9 smaller pyramids. In a moment, I will ask you to put your finger on any one of the numbered pyramids.

Then I will instruct you on how many times to move and you can move your finger to any CONNECTING pyramid that you wish.

After each move, I will take some pyramids away. Once a pyramid is removed, you may NOT move onto that space.

Ready to begin? - Good! Start by putting your finger on any numbered pyramid. When you are ready, click here.

Please keep your finger where it is. To make things a little harder, I'm going to add 3 more possibilities to the puzzle. click here.

Just so there is no mis-understanding on which pyramids you may move to, I have placed little connectors between the pyramids. You can move only to the pyramids that have connectors between them (think of them as little bridges).

Now, move your finger 5 times (using the little connecting bridges) to any other pyramid. When you are done, click here.

I can sense that you are not on the 1, 5, or the 9. So I will remove those pyramids. Remember, you can't move to an empty space. There are still 6 pyramids to choose from.

With your finger on the last pyramid you touched, move 2 more times to a new connecting pyramid.

When you are done, click here.

Interesting, I sense that you are not on the 7. So I will remove the 7.

Once again, please move 3 times to another connecting pyramid. When you are done,

click here.

I'm getting closer to finding out where you are. I sense that you are not on the 6.

You are also not on the 8. So both of those pyramids have been removed.

Get ready to move one final time now... Ready? MOVE!

click here.

See, you can't hide from me. I have removed the 2 and the 4 and that only leaves one last number. You're on the 3.

Thank you for playing the Mystic Pyramid. Don't forget to clean off those fingerprints. Click here to return to the kids stuff page.