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Frog Origami

Frog Origami

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Cut out image along outer solid lines.

A. With printed side facing down, fold along diagonal line.
B. Unfold and repeat the diagonal fold on other side.
C. Unfold and fold back along horizontal line.

A. Unfold. Your paper should be creased as illustrated.
B. Carefully fold along creases forming a "tent" as illustrated.

A. Fold the right "tent" corner up to the "peak" as illustrated.
B. Repeat on the other side. These flaps will form the frog's front legs.

A. Fold left side over to the midline.
B. Fold right side over to the midline.

A. Fold bottom up along the solid line as illustrated.
B. Fold down along second solid line. This will form the hind legs.
C. Fold front legs forward along dashed lines as illustrated.

Your Frog is ready to hop!

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