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All These Things Are Going Or Gone

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Endangered Species

Mantled Howler Monkey

With all the different types of rainforests and climates here in Guatemala, it is no wonder that it has hosted thousands of species of plants and animals over time. With all the changes this country has undergone, it is no wonder that many of the species of life is either extinct or endangered. This is an important fact to understand and the causes also need to be paid attention to in order for each reason to be dealt with immediately.

The extinction or endangerment of living things are caused by several factors. Here it may be that there was an overwhelming demand for whatever it is, deforestation causes off balanced ecosystems that effect everything around it, climate is changing which causes longer hot spells, different rainy seasons which spur growth of different molds and feeding habits of the living things, and many more factors, but the majority of them are due to human causes. If we don't give back and try to resolve these issues, are we any more than a cancer that causes irreversible damages?

It is estimated 10% of the country’s vertebrate species are at risk of being classified as endangered, in addition to four complete plant families, including 734 types of orchids, according to the national biodiversity strategy and action plan for conservation and sustainable use. This list includes wildlife from around Guatemala, not just the Izabal area. Many species are either endangered or already extinct to this area.

Endangered and/or extinct species found in Guatemala:


The capture, possession or commercialization of endangered species is illegal under Guatemala’s protection and betterment of the environment act.